5 Steps To Creating Your Resume

Do you know what it takes to create an effective resume? These next points will you help your resume not only appear professional but be effective in landing your next interview.

Making An Accurate Reflection Of You

It’s okay to brag about yourself a little on your resume. After all it is essentially a marketing piece about you. However, although it may land you the interview you’d like – it does not guarantee you the job. Making an accurate reflection of you ensures that does not disappoint or mislead the interviewer so you can land that job.

Focus On Related Experience

If you have a wide range of previous job experience, be sure to include portions of that job experience that is relevant to the job you are applying to. This can show that you do have the ability to be successful in your next job.

Include Accomplishments

In what ways did you excel at that position? When possible quantify your accomplishments! Sales conversion rates, how many people you managed are all ways to quantify your accomplishments.

Spell Check And Review

Don’t let your resume get tossed into the garbage over something silly like a typo. Taking the time to review your resume is very important. Check and recheck. Whenever possible find a proof reader to review your resume as well.

Get A Proof Reader

Find a proof reader – a friend, parent or colleague. A proof reader can help you remove items in your resume that are not necessary and find those errors that spell check overlooks. If possible consult with a previous professor or career center as they are likely to have more insight into the position you are applying to.

Think of your resume is the story of your professional life. You wouldn’t want to include what you wouldn’t want your future employer to assume. Now get out there, start creating and editing your resume!