Altitude Marketing’s Areas of Expertise

At Altitude Marketing we pride ourselves on being able to bring our expertise in Sales and Marketing to every relationship. We’ve proven the value we provide time and time again with service organizations all over the country. Altitude understands that new relationships can be risky which is why every partnership we enter into is performance based. For our partners this means a great opportunity to grow your customer base with very minimal risk.

Here are just a few of the many ways Altitude Marketing will help you grow your business:

Our Services

Sales Conversion

  • Well trained and dedicated, our specialized sales staff works in a competitive environment to ensure exceptional sales results.
  • Marketing and efficiency coordinators use industry data to project and staff appropriately to maximize efficiency and give all customers the attention needed to give the best possible customer experience.
  • Altitude Marketing staffs a state-of-the-art call center as well as 2 satellite/backup offices to ensure coverage for even the largest partners.

Direct-To-Consumer Marketing

  • Altitude Marketing has gathered an elite group of the world’s most innovative and educated marketers.
  • We have specializations in direct mail, print, web, search engine optimization, and more! We know how to reach the right consumers at the right time for your product!
  • Many business partners can’t survive in a performance-based sales environment. We don’t just survive…we thrive in it!

Performance and Source Tracking

  • Fast and reliable reporting is a cornerstone for any successful company. At Altitude Marketing we used a sophisticated array of call source tracking software directly integrated state of the art system to ensure we know every detail of where customers are coming from.
  • Our reporting is real-time and instantly analyzed by a team of industry specialists. We then guide and direct every ad program independently to unique performance metrics to ensure optimal results for our vendors.
  • Our software and hardware platforms are scalable and streamlined. To our vendors this means we can launch a program quickly and scale it to the needs of an ever-changing market and customer base.

Business Channel Optimization

  • A partnership with Altitude Marketing is a value added relationship. We get the value train rolling right away with a seamless integration of your business channel.
  • We market your product and sell your product, so you’re risk is minimized
  • It’s all about getting the most from your business channels, and at Altitude Marketing our experienced and highly motivated team will work to maximize every opportunity to ensure success. Your customers are waiting, give us a call today!